Best Professional Drone Photography in Brevard County Florida!

We offer professional drone photography and videography for all your aerial needs!
We Are Part 107 Certified with the FAA. This certification allows Sky Masters to fly in restricted air space that non Certified sUAS pilots can not fly in! 

*Hiring a non certified Drone pilot can result in fines up to $11,000 per occurrence. It pays to hire a certified drone pilot.

Drone photography melbourne fl
Drone photography melbourne fl

Drone Photography & Videography

Our Drone Photography & Videography speaks for itself.

Our aerial Drone services take technology and couple it with Close Attention to Detail, a deep passion for photography & Experience; Which are all reflected in our finished work.

Our Drone services include but are not limited to:

High Quality 4k photos & videos,

Real Estate Listing Photos & Videos, 

Roof inspection / Home exterior inspection,

Golf Course & Resort aerial photos and Videos &

Virtual Real Estate tours (Ask about options)

Some of our work

We deliver engaging visual content by capturing dynamic aerial imagery and providing quality post-production work.

Our Services

Here are our most commonly requested services. We are Flexible and can usually accommodate most clients budget needs! 


drone photography brevard fl

Real-Estate listing Photography

This service offers Photos of the Interior & Exterior of your property. If you want your property to stand out from the rest in this flooded market, choose to have your property photographed by Sky Masters.

Aerial Photos

Still shots from any height up to 400ft that will give your location that Birds Eye view you’ve always wanted! (unless in a restricted air space as height limits may apply)
drone photography brevard fl

Video Tours

You will receive a video up to 2 minutes long that will show off the best parts of your property. Using breathtaking Aerial views coupled with exquisite interior and exterior photos and videos.

drone photography brevard fl

Civil Twilight Photo Shoot

Photos taken at what’s called the “Golden Hour” to give your photos the perfect lighting & warmth everyone loves!

drone photography brevard fl

Aerial 4k videos at up to 30FPS

Our videos allow you to market your properties like never before. We use amazing aerial video with licensed music and branding to create a walk through of your location! Videos will be up to 2 minutes long.( 2 hrs editing is included when quoted. Additional editing hours will be charged by the hourly rate).
drone photography brevard fl

Day and Travel Rates

Here at Sky Masters we believe it is important to keep within a customers budget. For every service that we offer, We have a Day Rate & Travel Rate. We also offer 1/2 Day Rate. We consider every one of our customers needs & wants, And we will make sure your project looks amazing and is affordable! We strive for your satisfaction!


Night time Drone Production

We are authorized as a part 107 Certified sUAS pilot with use of a waiver to fly at Night. This type of shoot requires extra paperwork on our end. We would need to verify that we can shoot in the requested location first before securing services.

Our standard hourly rate is $75

We use the hourly rate for extended editing hours, custom contracts for customers with unique needs & out of service area jobs. 

*The hourly rate is not limited to just the services listed above.

The Sky's The Limit

Let us capture every possible detail with our dedicated team of professionals serving the Brevard County area.

NOTE: All aerial photos and Videos are dependent on FAA air space clearance and weather conditions. In most cases we are able to obtain waivers for areas with air space Restrictions.